Welcome to the Beijing Travel Report!

Beijing Travel ReportChina is a mysterious destination that many of us want to visit. In 2011, I finally got my chance to explore Beijing. There were several reasons why I went to this far off place; many that will you will discover as you read the posts.

And I can say that I would go back in a heartbeat. Actually, the purpose of this blog is to help me earn the money to do just that. 🙂

You will collect tons of experiences while there in Beijing. I know I did.  My perception of the Chinese as a people changed in many ways. Here in this site, I will layout many things that I learned from this recent trip to Beijing and the surrounding area.

Purpose of Beijing Travel Reports

After such a thrilling time in Beijing, I wanted a place where I could leave my perceptions.  I also wanted to provide my experiences with planning the trip, going there, and coming back.

With that level of experience, I also realize that my sharing with you could save you lots of time, money, and hassle.  So, I have endeavored to also provide you with tools that I wished I had before and during my trip.

Yep, that may sound boring, but I promise that I will add my own unique humor where I can, and cover details that other travel sites don’t.

I go into:

  • very interesting information about Beijing history,
  • tips about how to plan and prepare for your trip,
  • transportation and tour info,
  • wonderful places I stayed,
  • many other interesting experiences and observations that I had.

I will provide reviews on different things and seek for the blog in general to be of help to those who are interested in traveling to Beijing. Some will be informative, and some will be hilarious, and some will be both. Tips and tricks, and what to expect…

So look at our posts for information that will be helpful to you as you plan your trip to Beijing, whether to Beijing itself, or as a gateway into China.

Now, look to the upper right and select a recent blog post.  You can also search in the menu bar to see if I have information on something specific that you want to know.

I certainly want to be helpful.  If you have suggestions or comments, please comment on the pages and posts, or fill out the Contact Me form to alert me.【 サイドハンドル付2段 S-4-2-GB-B-7-L 】 【 厨房器具 製菓道具 おしゃれ 飲食店 】
【Future Club】フューチャークラブ メンズ腕時計 FC-026M-R1 日常生活用防水(日本製) /10点入り(代引き不可)【S1】
【USA在庫あり】 774144 412-4044B プログレッシブ PROGRESSIVE ショック 硬め 412 FXD 12インチ 黒
光触媒 観葉植物光の楽園 ストレチアW 高さ1.6mインテリアグリーン 大型 人工観葉植物
デスク(学習机/勉強机) 単品 【幅110cm×奥行60cm】 木製 二口コンセント付き 姫系 ホワイト(白) 白 (カテゴリー:生活用品>インテリア>雑貨>インテリア>家具>机>デスク>デスクター
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