Can You Trust Restaurants in Beijing, China?

First Meal at Beijing Restaurant

Kungpo Chicken - Delicious!

My time with Chinese restaurants has been limited, so I cannot authoritatively speak to this. The one thing I can say, is that any tour service that you are working with has a vested interest in taking you to safe and delicious restaurants.

The Chinese government makes tour companies put up large bonds before they will let them do any business. Because of the importance of a positive impression that tourists would take from China, the Chinese government regulates these companies heavily.

So, rest assured that the Chinese government itself wants to make sure that you eat at safe and reliable restaurants. The tour companies know this and they go out of their way to select only the best restaurants. Imagine how much trouble they would get it if you got sick under their care. While my guy did not actually say this, he did tell me that they were very picky about what restaurants they actually took their charges to.

My personal experience is that every restaurant I attended while on tour was great. I would not hesitate to go back to any of those restaurants.

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