Chinese Choose Obama

I don’t go into politics every often on this blog.  Certainly, internal politics in the Communist Party of China will effect tourist policies over time.  If I see something that I think is affecting current travel conditions, then I will bring that to your attention.

This time, though, I am commenting on the opinion of Chinese people as it regards the American presidential election.  I find it very interesting that the Chinese have such a specific leaning toward President Obama.  Now to be fair, most of Europe also has the same bias toward Obama.  Romney gets little love outside the United States.

In this article, the LA Times is actually reporting poll results reported by Global Times and Sina Weibo.  The Global Times is a major Chinese newspaper aligned with the Chinese Communist Party.  Sina Weibo is the largest Twitter type service in mainland China.  AFP-Ipsos appears to be a research group out of Hong Kong, though I am not sure if that branch in Hong Kong was responsible for the poll listed below.

Poll Results

The Global Times and Sina Weibo polls were taken early Tuesday morning China time, well before the election polls opened in the United States.  The AFP-Ipsos poll was from late September.

So, what were the results of the polls?  Here they are:

Source Persons Polled % For Obama
Global Times
4,500+ 81%
Sina Weibo
2,500+ 78%
Late Sept, 2012
800 63%


Personal Opinions Expressed

Some of the reasons given by different persons:

  • Best for Asian Economic Growth
  • Better for Peace and Prosperity in Asia
  • Best for Peace around the World

Do You Detect a Theme There? 

Peace Peace Peace.   That is the theme that I am seeing from the respondents’ comments.  I think it is centered around the desire of the Chinese people to continue advancing their lot in life. Peace is important to Stable trade.  Stable trade really is important to the Chinese, as it is to most people, and Obama is perceived as the best person to keep trade relations steady.

I don’t blame the Chinese rank and file for wanting peace.  “I” want peace when possible.  I just don’t agree that Obama is the best choice, given the need for bring our American government under control.  I personally voted for Romney.

How Does This Affect Foreign Tourism and Foreigners Working in China?

The presidential elections in the US should have no effect on the influx of tourist into China.  Given that Obama was elected for a second term, I expect that chances of any new US government policy that will cause the Chinese to restrict tourism is remote.

By and large, I don’t see any change in the ability of foreign tourist to go to, and move within, mainland China.  There are difficulties right now traveling inside Beijing, give the temporary restrictions imposed during the 18th Congress meeting and generational changeover in power.  I expect those restrictions will be eased over the winter, and spring will bring the same friendly tourist environment that we have enjoyed since the 2008 Olympics.

For foreign workers inside China, the environment may proved to be a bit less friendly than the past.  I have no direct knowledge of any new restrictions, but the Beijing Police crackdown this year does indicate that workers overstaying their visas will be tolerated less than before.  So, make sure you do not just “hang” out after your visa expires.

The Chinese Got Their Wish

Yes, Obama was elected.  The Chinese people will feel more at ease with US policy under him than Romney.  Let’s hope that China itself will not break the peace and stable trade that its own people want so badly.

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5 thoughts on “Chinese Choose Obama

  1. Thanks for the comment. You did not give any counter reasoning.

    These are not scientific polls, for sure. But it is the only poll data that I found.

    What, in your opinion, is the accurate view of whom the Chinese people prefer to be the US president? And why?

  2. I do agree with the article for the most part. I actually wish the results were more similar to the poll :p. I don’t like seeing my president’s face on another flag though, lol.

    There is no evidence of where the data was sampled, that’s my only concern. During the time leading up to the election, there was a lot of misinformation that has carried on. The poll may have favored the president to influence America’s opinions of his foreign policy.

  3. Well, I understand your points.

    This is not a right wing kookoo website. The data (no matter the science or sample size of the data) is from Chinese sources, so seemed appropriate to mention on this China related blog. The interesting bit is why the Chinese would prefer Obama. I was hoping some Chinese citizens would express their views. But none yet.

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