Ma Vs Chinese Cigarettes from Beijing

Beijing Travel Report Chinese Cigarettes Vs Ma

Ma appears brave, but she is a little scared

My mother has smoked most of her life, and I thought I would bring her some cigarettes from Beijing, China.  I personally have never smoked, so they had no appeal to me.

As she had worked in southern US tobacco fields all her life, she knows something about different kinds of tobacco.  I wondered how the Chinese varieties would compare to what she smoked now.

Acquiring the Chinese Cigarettes

If I was going to have these for her,  I needed to buy some cigarettes before I left Beijing to come back to the States.  Going down to the Lucky corner market right next to the Holiday Inn Express Temple of Heaven, I looked over the brands available.  There were several brands in the display case.

Beijing Travel Report Chinese Cigarettes English Side

Liushuiyin brand of Chinese cigarettes, English side - yes, even these warn you of health risks.

Hmmmm.  Which brand to get?  I asked the attendant.  He directed me to the Liushuiyin brand from the Shanghai Tobacco Group Co, Ltd.  He said there was also a brand that was associated with Chairman Mao, but that they were much more expensive, and very strong.  The brand he had directed me to at least had filters.

If you are wondering how much the different Chinese brands cost, I honestly do not remember.  If I find out later, I will update this post.

Be a cheapskate, or spend more to make sure my mother would hate them?  Tough choice.  The “cheap” part of me won.  😀 Plus, I did not want to accidently kill my mother.  She needed a fighting chance.  Liashuiyin cigarette pack purchased and stored for trip home.

Presenting the Chinese Cigarettes to My Mother

Christmas came and I decided to spring this “pleasure” on my mother then.  Having returned from China the month before, I made sure that I took them with me when visiting my mother for the Christmas holidays.

I think I gave them to her on the second day as one of her Christmas presents.  She did not quite believe I had gotten actual Chinese cigarettes for her.  She was intrigued …  and a little scared.

My Mother’s First Chinese Cigarette

She opened the pack of Liushuiyin cigarettes and examined one.  Looked like an American cigarette.  The filter was definitely there and looked correct.  Time to “light it up”.

She lite the cigarette, put it to her lips, and took a small draw on it.  She exhaled with a relieved look on her face.  “Those ain’t that bad”, she said.

She took another puff, maybe a little deeper than before, and then her eyes got big.

Beijing Travel Report Chinese Cigarettes Vs Ma Scowling

Ma scowling - no, they are not her speed. Yuk!

Cough, cough, cough, whezzzzz

After she finished coughing and caught her breath, she said “That first puff fooled me”.  With that said, she put out the cigarette.

I did get her to try them once more, but only a puff or two.  After that, I could not get anyone else at her home to try them.  She got to the unsuspecting first, and warned them.

UPDATE: One of my friends just tried one.  They thought it tasted like “a stale Marlboro”.  Reminded them of cigarettes from Mexico.  I guess my mother would not like Mexican cigarettes either.  Hehe.

Her Opinion in Her Own Words

Here, in her own words, she describes what happened and any desire she has to try another one.


What Happened to the Cigarettes?

She did not want them, so I brought them home with me.  Thinking that I could get more opinions from other smokers in the future, I kept them with my other Chinese souvenirs.  So far, no takers.  Maybe I should quit telling them my mother’s story before asking them to try one.

Share this, and comment below concerning your willingness to try a Chinese cigarette.  Would you try one?  Would you do this to YOUR mother?

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2 thoughts on “Ma Vs Chinese Cigarettes from Beijing

  1. Just like in America, not all cigarettes brands taste right. I can assure you the brand which you got is a very cheap one, it’s made for unwanted people so that they could leave this world faster. Trust me even a dog won’t smoke those, couldn’t believe how could u buy them for your mother and then write a silly blog like this. I guess you must be from a poor class

    If you want a real deal of good cigarettes u must at least spend the amount equals to american cigarettes (¥100 or $10) such brands are chunghwa, panda, huanghelou or honghedao.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jack.

    My mother smokes the cheapest American cigarettes that she can find. So, it might be a fair comparison. She is from the poor class here. Our family helped grow American tobacco, so she knows good tobacco. She just cannot afford it.

    Of course, I have never smoked, so no brands, American or Chinese, taste right to me.

    I went to the corner market right next to my hotel, and that was what they were selling. I was not trying to find the worst brand in China, just what the working class Chinese might smoke. I do remember the brand with Chairman Mao’s picture on the package. The shop manager said they were too expensive, and to buy the lower brand instead.

    I do hope that you found something else on my website was not silly, and enjoyed it.

    Come and see us again.


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