National Museum of China, 28 Exhibition Halls of History

Beijing Travel Report National Museum Front

The BIG museum on Beijing, the National Museum

28 Exhibition Halls.  Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?  Better bring some great walking shoes.

I did not get to see the National Museum of China on my last trip, as I was covering the major attractions.  I hope to see it next time.  Here is a taste so you can make up your mind how important it would be to your list of stuff to see.  Read on and see what it is all about.

Freshly Renovated and Expanded, to Hold Old Stuff

The National Museum has just completed its renovation in 2011, meaning everything is fresh and modern.  Everything except the items on display, that is.

Two Missions Combined into One

The museum has a dual purpose.  Formally there were two museums in this same building, the Communist heritage museum on the north side, and the Natural Museum on the south side.  With the two combining in 2003, now one museum accomplishes both missions.  Here are the two missions:

  1. History of Chinese Communism
    If you are interested in the Communist Struggle and Triumph in China, then this is the place for you.  Everything that has to do with the revolution and establishment of statehood is here.
  2. Primative Through the End of the Feudal Ages
    If your main desire is to see the multiple thousand year development of the Chinese culture, then this is also the place for you.  Covering all the way from primitive man to the end of the Qing Dynasty in 1913, the story is told through the use of rare artifacts.  These artifacts are so rare, that many do not have like examples outside this museum.

Is There Anything I Just Have to See?

Oh yes.  Check out the Han Dynasty Jade Burial Suit.  This sucker is sown together with golden thread.  Wow.

If you know you have time to see the major tourist attractions and still go to the National History Museum of China, then please do.  It will be the change to stroll through the beginnings of Chinese history all the way to the end of the Imperial Age.

If you have been, please share below.

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