People in Beijing Really Enjoy Candied Crabapples

Beijing Candied Crabapples Motorcycle Vendor

Candied Crabapples - A popular street snack.

One of the things that fascinated me in Beijing were the motorcycles stationed on street corners with their backs full of candied crabapples. The treats would be on long sticks blossoming from the back of the motorcycle is if it was a porcupine. Now being the adventuresome soul that I am, I tried this delicious way of making crabapples. I have to say the Chinese really know what they’re doing.

Alias, such incidental treats are not part of a Beijing tour package. If I was to get one, I would have to buy it myself. I purchased mine in a Beijing Walmart. I would have considered buying one from one of the motorcycle vendors but I had no way to know how sanitary the preparation would’ve been. The crabapples had actually been sliced in half and have been threaded onto the stick, much as you might thread beads on a necklace.

Beijing Candied Crabapples Look Good!

Beijing Candied Crabapples Look Good!

As I was in Beijing, China I really wanted to try new and unusual foods. This was certainly one of the least adventuresome and more pleasurable foods that I tried. I must say that I really enjoyed it, and I really look forward to my next stick of Beijing candied crabapples.

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