Social Causes : Supporting China’s Homeless Childern

 If you are like me, you are always looking for a cause to be part of.

Helping children in need is one of the biggest I can think of.

While this is a travel blog about Beijing specifically, some of you like to incorporate social causes into your travel.  So, here is a heads up on a worthy social cause in China.  Helping China’s children who are stolen and sold, or just homeless.

China, like many countries (even the US), has a problem with children being kidnapped and sold  And there are a lot of homeless children on the streets too.  You may see them begging as you are enjoying the richness of Chinese history.

Now, begging children is not unique to China.  If you go anywhere in Asia, you will find beggars at every tourist spot.  And some will be very aggressive.  China, however, does not have the aggressive beggars that you see everywhere else.  They do have aggressive peddlers, though, as you will find out.  I think I only saw one beggar at the exit from the Forbidden City, and he was playing an instrument, so he gave some music in return.  However, they are there, begging from the Chinese themselves.

Do Something for the Children of the World, If Not China’s Specifically

Sure, I can hear what many are going to say.  US and Great Britain, and Australia have children in need.  Sure, all countries have children that need help.  You better be helping them instead of just sitting in front of your big screen TV watching American football, or World football (soccer), or rugby, or NASCAR, or New Jersey Housewives, or Doctor Who.  Think I got just about all segments of people there.  A lot of people complain about aid outside their own country, but don’t actually aid anyone inside their own country.

To my understanding, God does not check for a nationality tattoo on children.  So, why should you?  Help children where ever you are.  That is a simple way of putting it.

However, if you are reading this, you have some interest in China.  If you want to be of help to children in China, then here an opportunity.

Supporting Film-making a Way to Get the Word Out

Living With Dead Hearts is a documentary that is being shot in China by Charles Custer under the name of Songhua Films.  He is accepting donations to cover production costs.  Despite the trailer mention of release in 2012, the official website now says 2013.  Watch the trailer and see if you want to be part of it.  I am sure that Charles does not mind if you contact him to make sure he is real, and not a ripoff artist.

He does mention a shelter in the trailer that he gives 20% of all donations to.  Check below for information on that center.

I don’t know Charles personally.  Check out the China Geeks website, though, and you will see that he has a legacy.  He isn’t just a starving film maker that is looking for a handout.  So, make your own decision if you want to be involved.

Refuge with Education, Counseling, and Field Trips for Rescued Kids

As Charles relates in China Geeks, there are several shelters in major Chinese cities.  But XinXing Aid Center is one that is run on donations.  It has other advantages for the children that the other centers do not supply. More there than just a bed and food.

Specifically, children get counseling for their experiences with abandonment, slavery, prostitution, or whatever they have been manipulated into doing.  And, it is also a school providing a good education, equipping the kids for a future.

Giving can be by bank draft, or arranged through Charles above.

Again, I don’t know these people personally.  I am relying on Charles here.  Make your own judgement if you are willing to help.

There are Other Ways to Help Children

This is not, of course the only way to help homeless and kidnapped children in China.  If you run across any that you think are worthy, then send the information in the contact form to me.  If I can confirm the info, and it looks legit, I will consider putting it on this page.

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