USD-RMB Currency Conversion

US Dollar to Chinese Yuan Dollar Currency Convertor

Check how much Chinese RMB (CNY) you can get for your country’s currency (American Dollars, by default).  Also, if you are leaving Beijing with extra Chinese RMB in your pocket, see how much you receive if you cash in your leftover Chinese RMBs.

Rates are updated once per day.

Rates are based on midpoint between Buy and Sell prices.  The Buy or Sell exchange rates at your bank or a foreign exchange counter will vary.  This should just be used to get a general idea.

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US Dollar to Chinese Yuan Dollar Exchange Rate History

This is a daily graph of the exchange rate over the last 50 days.

If you wish to see a different currency pair than USD/CNY or adjust the chart options, move your mouse over the chart, and click on the [Options] button that appears.

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