VIDEO: Beijing Park Elder Choir Music with Short Slideshow

I ran across a choir of importuned Chinese workers and retirees singing in the park that is part of the Temple of Heaven complex. I did get a recording, but have been unable to find it.

It was probably not very good anyway, as I was a little shy about recording them. Just imagine that you got together with some old friends to sing communist songs from your youth, and some foreign devil is recording you. That is what I imagined they thought of me. So I recorded without the recorder being visible.

Anyway, that is why I was happy to find this recording on the internet of a similar choir singing in a Beijing park. It is not very long, but I still enjoy listening to it. Someone told me they were singing about Chairman Mao, but I don’t have the actual words.

I put some of my Beijing pictures together so that you had a slideshow to watch while listening. ENJOY!

YouTube Version: Watch this if you have access to Youtube

Local Website Version: Watch if you don’t have access to YouTube

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